Bathing & Hand Drying


Bathing can be a handful regardless of your pet's size or kind. Our experienced staff consistenly provides gentle care when it comes to bathing your pet.


We only use fine, all-natural and gentle products on your pets. We thoroughly hand dry all pets to check that there are no knots or skin irritations developing.


We handle always handle your pets with gentle loving care. Sometimes, however, they can get anxious, especially their first time with us. Your pet's toys or  favorite blankie may help in calming and relaxing her.

All Styles Cuts & Styling


We accommodate any and all style requests. Short, long,  puppy, teddy bear, poodle and mutt cuts, lamb trim, lion cuts and even mohawks!


The quality of our grooming services is what makes us the best preferred pet groomer by many customers and most veterinarians in Westchester County.


Grooming helps your pet stay healthy and looking good. Dogs that are regularly groomed  have healthier, shinier coats that are free from fleas, ticks and other environmental hazards.

Nail Trimming


The importance of a positive nail trimming experience can often be overlooked. When performed improperly, nail trimming can be a painful and traumatic experience for your pet.


At Best Friends Pet Grooming Salon, we make sure your pet receives extra gentle and nurturing treatment when his nails are being trimmed.


We do not use sedatives and we never restrain our little friends. In our comfortable and cozy environment, your pet will receive tender, loving, care and all the personal attention she needs. 

Ear Cleaning &Teeth Brushing


Some canine species are prone to ear infection more often than others. Some have stronger  "doggie breath." That is just how they are.  Giving them regularly scheduled and proper care, however, helps them stay healthy and prevents  them from develpoing chronic ear or tooth related diseases.


When we detect early warning signs of trouble during an ear or tooth cleaning, we immediately provide our customers with our findings in a detailed report. This gives pet owners a chance to determine if their pet needs veterinary care.

Gland expression for canines available. Please ask us about this service when making an appointment for your pet.


Ready for Halloween? Creative coloring is also available for your little ghouls.

Please contact us for specific cut styles and prices.



White Plains, NY

"Best place for professional cut and friendly staff and reasonable price. We have been through so many groomers to find one that would know how to give a proper cut to an English Springer Spaniel. Best Friends Pet Grooming is it."


Westchester, NY

I am very pleased with best friends. The owner Katie truly loves animals and has been in this profession for 35 years. The service is number 1 in my book I wouldn't go anywhere else.


Westchester, NY

A wonderful experience for a dog that has been turned away from other shops for being "DIFFICULT." The staff at Best Friends has been truly blessed with a gift for dealing with pets I would highly recommend them.

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Westchester, NY

My wife and I just picked up our dog CoCo. This is 100% the best he has ever looked since we got him. They treated him amazing he looks amamzing and he came home happy!



“Katie has been taking care of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel since he was just a little puppy. I wouldn't even think about taking him elsewhere. He comes home so happy and clean and always with a  stylish little bandana around his neck. Its the cutest thing."


Westchester, NY

I have tried many groomers in the past and no one seemed to get it right I have a goldendoodle. Don't go anywhere else. Make an appt you won't be disappointed. Katie is the Best!

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